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 Filmmaker Bio


Thomas Burke is an award-winning filmmaker and editor based out of Austin, Texas. He has spent over the last decade freelancing in various production roles including film directing, acting, producing and editing.
Early in his career, Thomas received a B.B.A. in Digital Media Management from St. Edward's University in 2013. Upon graduating, he joined an apprenticeship with the Austin Film Festival - where he worked as an assistant editor for 'ON STORY' - AFF's two-time Lone Star Emmy award winning program. During that time Thomas started to produce and direct his own narrative films, including his award-winning shorts, "THE MAKING OF THE LOST SON" (2015), "LOST LUGGAGE" (2016) and "CAMPING FUN" (2020).
After working on various productions both in and outside the state of Texas, Thomas went on to produce his first narrative feature-film, 'AFTER THE NIGHT WITH VALERIE'.  He has since contributed work on dozens of short and feature length narrative films. Today, Thomas is the editor at POV Horror (On-Demand) as well as the the content manger on Found Footage Critic- the world's largest database for found footage films, reviews, archives and more.


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